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Beaconsfield Veterinary Centre




Photo Gallery

Some of our clients.....

p Ben & Jack can't wait to get stuck into the Roo Sticks when they visit Beaconsfield Veterinary Centre

Bob & Franklin q

 ^Mitzi at 6 weeks

^ Mitzi at 9 weeks

Here is a picture of our Cleo (left).  She enjoyed puppy school and it is nearly time to come back to visit the vet again.  Here is Napoleon & Cleo (above) They just love their cuddles.


Tracy and Brett Montgomery.

This is Minnie Charles and she was saved by Beaconsfield Vet Centre at Christmas time last year (2006).  She is all good now and says "thank you" to her doctors.


Here is a photo of Chloe (mum of the six pups below) & Elli when they graduated from the “Alpha Dog Training Camp’

Here is a photo of Chloes puppies at 8 weeks of age, this was the last day they were all together as they all have now found homes.

Robyn Katsiavos

This is Jayda(baby) and Indi            (Staffordshire bull terrier)
“Great mates””

Katie Winn


Not so perfect puppy!!

“Peggy & Billy Roberts” …Final Goodbyes..

Leo the Staffordshire Bull Terrior and Coco the Burmese "in love"


Top r

Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday
8am to 8pm

8:30am - 4:30pm

14 Woods Street, Beaconsfield VIC.

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^ Mitzi




Romeo & Tiger

Taro (top) An Akita, is a big sook (except when he goes to the vet)

Angel (middle) Akita with black mask. Well her name says it all really!!!

Romeo & Tiger (bottom) Burmese, is definately the king of the castle, what he says goes.  Tiger (ginger) Loves everyone and is very inquisitive.



Fiddy & Peppa

Here is a picture of my 2 beautiful Staffy's cared for by Beaconsfield Veterinary Clinic.

Fiddy used to run away all the time but since getting Peppa he can't leave her alone. 
Now they are inseperable !

Thank you for your help with Peppa this week, she is feeling much better now.

Samantha Jay

Chuck (Staffy) and Rhys (Boxer).

“Vaccination? Who cares?
We’ve got treats and cuddles!”
Thank you for you personalised
and attentive care.
Sean & Suze Cooper


"Oliver" the Miniature Schnauzer

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